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 *  ymodem.org is the gopher hole for zmodem.org. Most of these selectors should be self explanatory, but if you're really curious about me or this site, you should probably check out the Who Does This? document below. It also has my email address in it if you want to contact me for some reason.
 *  Some links to get you started:
 *  My Phlog - a blog, but with gophergopher-menu
 *  Bad Ideas - Some documents detailing bad ideas I've hadgopher-menu
 *  Crummysocks.com blog mirrorgopher-menu
 *  Fun Stuffgopher-menu
 *  Misc Imagesgopher-menu
 *  This is a collection of images that I collected for one reason or another.
 *  Reading Listgopher-menu
 *  Logging books and some not-books that I read. Organized roughly by year
 *  About this sitegopher-menu
 *  Current Projectsgopher-menu
 *  Old Projectsgopher-menu
 *  Who does this?plain
 *  RSS Feedx-rss+xml

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