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 *  This is the gopher hole for ymodem.org (and also zmodem.org). Most of these selectors should be self explanatory, but if you're really curious about me or this site, you should probably check out the Who Does This? document below. It also has my email address in it if you want to contact me for some reason.
 *  Some links to get you started:
 *  My Phlog - a blog, but with gophergopher-menu
 *  This is my personal blog where I write things that interest me. Maybe they'll interest you, too?
 *  Bad Ideas - Some documents detailing bad ideas I've hadgopher-menu
 *  This is where I dump the ideas that I have that probably won't go anywhere. You probably shouldn't use anything here.
 *  With some work, some of these might be upgraded to Okay Ideas, or even Good Ideas, but don't hold your breath.
 *  Crummysocks.com blog mirrorgopher-menu
 *  This is a collection of posts that I made from my first really serious attempt at the whole 'internet' thing. It went through lots of revisions and topics (and lots of content management systems). You can kind of see the evolution of my writing style. I ended up not really updating it for a long time, partly because of social media eating up too much of my time, but also because 'crummysocks' was kind of getting embarrassing to say.
 *  Fun Stuffgopher-menu
 *  Misc Imagesgopher-menu
 *  This is just a bunch of pictures that I've taken from various places. Might be organized someday.
 *  Reading Listgopher-menu
 *  This is an ongoing list of books that I've read or attempted to read in roughly chronological order. This doesn't imply any kind of endorsement or anything (unless I put some kind of endorsement in the comments box, I guess), it's just a log.
 *  About this sitegopher-menu
 *   There will probably be more stuff here as I work on this thing some more. These things take time, you know?
 *  Old Projectsgopher-menu
 *  Who does this?plain
 *  RSS Feedx-rss+xml

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