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Gopher: images

 *  This is a collection of images that I collected for one reason or another.
 *  Doing a bare-minimum of organization. That might mean that some old links might not work. Sorry about that.
 *  Video game related imagesgopher-menu
 *  Images related to video games somehow.
 *  You can surf the net!gopher-menu
 *  It's here. It's now. It's the future.
 *  It's some kid's book from the 90's about the Internet.
 *  It'll never catch on.
 *  Everything Elsegopher-menu
 *  Some images defy categorization. Either that or I was too lazy to categorize
 *  these in any way.
 *  Old Computer Stuffgopher-menu
 *  A random assortment of old computer things.
 *  Quotes from booksgopher-menu
 *  Sometimes I'll read a book or something and I'll come across a passage I like
 *  for some reason or another. Here's a few of them.
 *  Book Titlesgopher-menu
 *  In July of 2019, the XKCD guy (he's the one that makes stickfigure comics that
 *  aren't usually very funny, but get passed around a lot anyway) held a contest
 *  for some book that he wrote.
 *  To enter the contest you had to find a bunch of books that you could put in some
 *  kind of order such that the titles made a sentence or a story, and whichever one
 *  was the 'best' would be the winner and he'd come to your town to promote his
 *  book. (https://blog.xkcd.com/2019/06/10/book-tour-announcement/)
 *  I didn't enter, but I thought it was an interesting idea, so I got a few
 *  pictures of some books that I thought might fit if I did enter the contest, and
 *  posted them here.

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