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Gopher: videogames

 *  Images related to video games somehow.
 *  Animal Crossing Pocket Campgopher-menu
 *  For a little while I played a lot of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. Then I
 *  realized that it was incredibly boring and wasn't getting any better so I
 *  stopped. But not before taking a few screenshots.
 *  Jazz Jackrabbitgopher-menu
 *  I found an old Jazz Jackrabbit CD that I somehow still had and decided to see if
 *  I could get it working in DOS Box. Turns out that I could.
 *  Legend of Zelda Statuegopher-menu
 *  A long time ago I got a neat little Legend of Zelda statue of Link getting ready
 *  to kill off some critter, with a spot to record a 'high score'.
 *  Somehow I still have it, so I took a few pictures of it.

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