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Gopher: 2018

 *  On social mediaplain
 *  Why I don't make New Year's Resolutionsplain
 *  Why I don't run my own tech businessplain
 *  Some thoughts on binge-consuming mediaplain
 *  Setting up a reading listplain
 *  Rethinking 8bit.funplain
 *  Getting back to basics with my home internet connectionplain
 *  Excising FOMO from my lifeplain
 *  Why we don't need to rebuild the internetplain
 *  My one night in the professional wrestling businessplain
 *  Why I generally don't accept or display commentsplain
 *  I installed OpenBSD on a gaming computerplain
 *  Dreams...plain
 *  Extra Life 2018 Announcementplain
 *  Using XML in 2018plain
 *  Re-stepping back from social mediaplain
 *  You Probably Want to Run Windowsplain

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